Thesis complete (1st edition). This got me thinking about the 2nd ed.
Now I have letterpress on my mind...
In the meantime, I'll be uploading a PDF.

In one of my posts, I mentioned the spirit of Johnny Cash.
Can you see the finger on my cover? A little humor never hurts.

Yes, it's in Italian too, in case any of you are curious how to talk about entropy and semiotics in another language.
Luckily there are pictures.

Have a good day

Ut pictura poiesis

"as is painting so is poetry” 
(Ut pictura poiesis--Horace, Ars Poetica)

Jacopo Ramonda (songwriter-poet-musician) and I met because he was looking to have a better pronunciation. Being from Texas he had no idea that my accent is standard, American that is. Now thinking back, it would have been rather cool to add a southern twang to his indy grunge rock sound. I approached him to help him on his new cd, but this time with the visuals. I felt I had first hand knowledge having spent a good part of my life in a place where grunge isn't just a style of music but a way of life, albeit mostly Saturday or Sunday brunch at Guerro's South Congress in Austin,TX.

Jacopo's needs were centered around the word "naive", and I was then left to materialize it. As early 20th century Surrealists, Dadists and Futurists' affinity with poetry, my inspiration for his cd and subsequent website was a hand drawing of a boy playing off a graphic design piece I had done some years back. The concept behind it was The Morton Salt Girl, you know the girl with the umbrella vintage 1968--the girl's umbrella that connotes the boy's forever wistful haven. I had found an equally dreamy poem about a tender hearted boy that wrote it for her that goes like this, "I'm in love with the Morton Salt Girl. I want to pour salt in her hair and watch her dance. I want to walk her through the salt rain and pretend that it is water. I want to get lost in the Washington Cathedral and follow her salt trail to freedom..." 

Conceptually it made sense to use this tender hearted boy yet again to make leaps and bounds and offer up the chance to enter his private world juxtapose reality--Jacopo's play on words in his song lyrics and poetry being somewhat akin. Oriental artists must have had something similar in mind when using calligraphy as a means of expressing painting and poetry in the late 19th c. Technically, hand drawn text and sketches in the design mirror the low-fi quality of Jacopo's music.

Ezra Page's website has original poetry by Jacopo too, one of which was recognized by the reader's poll of The Rolling Stone Magazine. 
Marco Missano from Rome, also intrigued, approached Jacopo and spun out an award winning woolgathering video for his song entitled "Joy Machine", which won Best Music Video at London Independent Film Festival 2009.